Specialized segmentation models: sct_deepseg

The sct_deepseg script is separate from sct_deepseg_sc, and provides access to specialized models created by the ivadomed project (https://ivadomed.org). These specialized models focus on tasks outside of basic spinal cord segmentation. In recent versions, new models for the segmentation of spinal tumors, human multi-class SC & GM at 7T, MS lesion segmentation on MP2RAGE, mouse SC, etc. have been added.

You can list the available tasks by running sct_deepseg -h, or you view detailed descriptions of each task by running sct_deepseg -list-tasks.


Sample models. (Tumor segmentation: Lemay et al. NeuroImage Clinical (2021), WM/GM cord segmentation at 7T: Laines Medina et al. arXiv (2021), MP2RAGE SC and lesion segmentation: Cohen-Adad et al. Zenodo release (2023))